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Seattle’s Bold Move

Building Emissions Performance Standards Set for a Greener Future Seattle is once again at the forefront of environmental stewardship with the unanimous approval by the City Council and signing by Mayor Harrell of the Building Emissions Performance Standard (BEPS) Policy on December 13, 2023. This groundbreaking policy establishes carbon emissions targets for existing commercial and … Continued

Navigating Washington State’s Clean Buildings Performance Standard

Compliance for Commercial Building Owners Washington State is ushering in a new era of energy efficiency with its Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS), which requires compliance and reporting for commercial buildings over 50,000 square feet. The compliance reporting schedule is divided into three categories, and the first deadline is limited to commercial buildings over 220,000 … Continued

Oregon and Washington State Building Efficiency Standards Coming Soon

The states of Oregon and Washington have independently passed legislation to drive energy efficiency improvements in their existing commercial building stock. As mentioned in this issue of Trade Talk NW, Washington’s Clean Buildings Performance Standard requires commercial buildings over 220,000 square feet to be compliant by June 1, 2026. Oregon followed suit and passed House … Continued

Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) entered national discourse during the COVID-19 pandemic, but those of us in the Pacific Northwest were well aware of IAQ issues during our increasingly active wildfire seasons every summer. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters can provide some protection. How many of us have attached MERV … Continued

Oregon Becomes the Seventh State to Ban Fluorescent Lamps

On July 27, 2023, Governor Tina Kotek signed House Bill 2531 into law in Oregon. This new statute effectively eliminated the sale or distribution of new screw- or bayonet-base type compact fluorescent lamps (CLFs) on or after January 1, 2024. Additionally, the statute expands to prohibit the sale or distribution of new pin-base type compact … Continued

Lighting Tech Tip: Flexible Future-Proofing with LLLC

Following an impressive demonstration from their lighting specifier, the Associated General Contractors of Washington (AGCW) replaced their legacy lighting with Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC). Thanks to incentives from Seattle City Light, AGCW is saving thousands in kWh and dollars, all while making their tenants happier and increasing the value of their property. Read the … Continued

Introducing Oregon’s Rental Home Heat Pump Program: Boosting Efficiency and Comfort for a Sustainable Future

Are you an HVAC contractor seeking opportunities to drive your business while contributing to a greener future? Look no further than the Rental Home Heat Pump Program, brought to you by the State of Oregon. This initiative aims to make energy-efficient solutions accessible to rental properties across the state. As an HVAC contractor, you have … Continued

HVAC Tech Tip: Introducing ASHRAE Standard 241

In the ever-changing landscape of the HVAC&R industry, staying informed about the latest standards and guidelines is crucial to providing top-notch services to clients. To help you do so, we’re giving you some highlights of the new ASHRAE Standard 241 titled “Control of Infectious Aerosols.” In this article, we explore the essential aspects of the … Continued

Lighting Tech Tip: Selectable Wattage and Kelvin LED Fixtures

Have you ever had an indecisive lighting customer? A customer that has a difficult time deciding what color temperature or wattage option to pick? It’s not unusual for customers to be confused about the best alternative for their situation, but now there’s a way to help them choose. Adjustments Made Easy LED technology has come … Continued

HVAC Tech Tip: Heat Recovery and Ventilation – A True Win/Win

At the Network we’ve seen recent growth in the application of heat and energy recovery ventilators (HRVs and ERVs) as part of commercial building retrofits. Installing either is a great way to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and lower the cost of providing outdoor air for ventilation. Ventilation has been a key part of building … Continued