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HVAC Tech Tip: How to manage the supply chain blues

Cooler fall temperatures are already here. With this seasonal shift comes changes in operations to equipment that has been working hard during the summer to keep things cool. Help your customers think about improvements to their equipment to ensure everything is ready for the colder months ahead. One of the challenges this season is the … Continued

Lighting Tech Tip: TLEDs vs Kits+

Both customers and contractors like to install TLEDs because they’re quick, easy and a satisfactory entry level lighting upgrade.  But kits and new fixtures are a better option. They’ll help make the space look new and updated, and are eligible for better incentives, which will make your customer happier. A lot of buildings in the … Continued

HVAC Tech Tip: After You Economize, It’s Time to Winterize

With the fall season in full swing, units with air-side economizers in the Northwest are likely in use more and more. Economizers take advantage of our cooler, drier weather and allow for free cooling when outside air conditions match indoor cooling requirements. But as the weather continues to cool and the heating season begins, it’s … Continued

Tech Tip: Connected Thermostats

Connected thermostats provide building owners and operators with more control over a property’s HVAC system, and can help manage and reduce energy consumption and costs. Energy savings are based on how the thermostat is set-up and operated. It is critical to ensure the following prior to completing the installation: • The thermostat schedule matches the … Continued

Tech Tip: IES Lighting Ready Reference App

Lighting contractors rely on the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) guidelines to help with all things lighting, among them answering questions about proper light levels for specific applications. To make your job easier, IES has launched the IES Lighting Ready Reference App and it can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. You’ll … Continued