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HVAC Tech Tip: 5 Tips to Maximize Heating Season

November 4, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

Heating season is an opportunity for trade allies to take advantage of incentives from your local utility when addressing customer equipment and maintenance needs. Field Engineer Kelson Redding offers the following list to help you maximize the season:

1. Tap into incentives. HVAC incentives help your customers save energy and control costs. Talk to your regional field specialist to learn what’s available from your local utility.

2. Rein in heating costs. As the days get colder, your customers with electric resistance heating will be looking for solutions to their high heating bills. Talk to them about the benefits of replacing electric resistance heat with high efficiency heat pumps. They may be eligible for up to $1000/ton from their local utility.

3. Keep ventilation in check. With customers still bringing in more outside air than ever before, consider checking economizer functionality when performing regularly scheduled maintenance.

4. Clean coils for comfy customers. Summer dust and cottonwood fluff along with fall leaves can foul up outdoor units, diminishing system capacity and efficiency. Late fall and early winter are great times to address outdoor unit maintenance and coil cleaning.

5. Learn about new technology. Polish your own skills or provide your junior staff with a little training. Check out our free online learning opportunities, including recorded webinars and a robust course catalog in our Online Learning Center.

For more ideas and information about utility incentives, contact your regional field specialist.

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