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HVAC Tech Tip: How to manage the supply chain blues

September 20, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

Cooler fall temperatures are already here. With this seasonal shift comes changes in operations to equipment that has been working hard during the summer to keep things cool. Help your customers think about improvements to their equipment to ensure everything is ready for the colder months ahead.

One of the challenges this season is the potential for equipment delays due to supply chain constraints. These obstacles aren’t news for the industry but can be frustrating for building owners who want equipment installed quickly—and depend on you to keep their buildings operational. Instead of convincing them to hold off on improvements until supply chain issues clear up, here is a list of valuable operations and maintenance opportunities to implement now:

  • Inspect economizer dampers to ensure they are working.
  • Change outside air filters to maintain efficient HVAC systems.
  • Adjust thermostat setpoints to match building operations.
  • Install connected thermostats. Another simple way to help your customer and earn an incentive from participating utilities is by installing a connected thermostat. They are low-cost, easy to install, and their connected features help optimize the HVAC operation to the needs of the space.
  • Re-verify connected thermostats. If your customer has them already, consider performing a re-verification of the existing connected thermostats. Re-verification takes very little time and can result in meaningful energy savings for a building as the seasons change. Plus, some utilities may offer an additional incentive for re-verification to help save even more.

Quick wins such as these are good investments to make in the fall to keep bills low and keep your customers happy as the supply chain continues to stabilize. For more ideas and information about utility incentives, contact your regional field specialist.



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