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HVAC Tech Tip: Indoor Air Quality in Schools

May 24, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

The HVAC industry has seen a massive uptick in the implementation of equipment and controls strategies that address indoor air quality. Recently approved federal pandemic relief grant funding may now be used for indoor air quality improvements to school facilities.

In December 2020, the federal government approved the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA). The approved uses of the available funds include:

Inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, replacement, and upgrade projects to improve the indoor air quality in school facilities, including mechanical and non-mechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, filtering, purification and other air cleaning, fans, control systems, and window and door repair and replacement.

The CRRSA act presents an abundance of opportunity for trade allies to help improve indoor air quality for customers in the education sector. Now is the time to reach out to current and prospective school district contacts to discuss potential projects. To provide more information about equipment and controls strategies that relate to indoor air quality, the Network recently produced a webinar on ventilation strategies. Trade allies will learn about ventilation strategies and their energy impacts as well as applicable technology eligible for utility incentives, including advanced rooftop unit controls (ARC) and connected thermostats.

For more information on incentives and technologies, contact your local field specialist.

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