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HVAC Tech Tip: So Many Cranes, So Little Time

May 13, 2022 | Trade Ally Network NW

New construction projects come in all shapes and sizes, so trade allies need deep knowledge to spot every energy-efficiency opportunity. Given the speed of today’s market, do you have time to research every possible measure? From prescriptive offerings to custom project savings, we can help you pinpoint the right HVAC opportunities to get the most incentives for your customer.

With a set of mechanical plans or even just an equipment schedule, we can help identify the following:

Prescriptive offerings. There is an array of prescriptive HVAC program offerings* available for new construction projects, including:

  • Ductless heat pump upgrade. Up to $300 per ton, qualified single- or multi-head DHPs.
  • Air-source heat pump upgrade. Up to $150 per ton, qualified split-system or packaged ASHPs.
  • Packaged terminal heat pump. Up to $100 per unit, applies to any AHRI-certified PTHP.

  • Custom project process. While prescriptive HVAC measures can deliver quick wins to push a design to be more efficient, custom projects often yield the most significant savings opportunities for new construction. Some examples of custom new construction projects that could qualify include:

  • Central plant equipment
  • Variable refrigerant flow systems
  • Dedicated outdoor air and heat recovery systems
  • Large rooftop variable air volume systems

  • There are many other energy-saving opportunities in a new construction project eligible for both custom and prescriptive incentives. These include refrigeration, water heating, commercial kitchen equipment, building envelope, and more.

    If you think your project has an opportunity to capture energy savings and incentives for your customers, take the guesswork out of it and contact your local field specialist today. The Network is here to help and guide you throughout the process.

    *Utility participation and incentives vary.

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