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Lighting Tech Tip: Get Customers Back to Business

July 16, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

As more businesses transition from home offices back to commercial offices, now is a great time to propose long-overdue lighting projects. Summer offers an excellent opportunity to upgrade interior and exterior lighting systems before the days get darker and shorter. Utility incentives for lamps, fixtures and controls can make the investment even more affordable.

Remind your customers about the benefits to be gained by upgrading interior and exterior commercial spaces:

Interior comfort

  • Comfortable work environments are critical for employees heading back to the office. New LED fixtures are now available with color tuning and can be adjusted from warm white to cool white to daylight color temperatures.
  • New LED fixtures have dimming and daylighting control capabilities that work well in office spaces where there are multiple individuals with different lighting preferences. Consider luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC), defined by their out-of-the-box simplicity.

Safety and security

  • Illuminating walkways, parking lots, and loading docks allow employees and customers to feel safe during nighttime hours. New LED fixtures will increase light levels and can improve security camera footage.
  • Wallpacks, flood fixtures, parking lot poles, and street lighting can be easily upgraded with new LED fixtures.

Exterior energy efficiency

  • With exterior fixtures operating an average of 12 hours per day, upgrading to new LED fixtures can achieve significant energy savings.
  • Exterior occupancy sensors can achieve more savings during nighttime hours. When there are no visible vehicles or occupants, the exterior fixtures dim to reduce energy use. As soon as a vehicle or pedestrian is detected, the LED fixtures will increase to full brightness.

Reduced maintenance costs and staff time

  • Saving on maintenance costs is a direct non-energy benefit of an interior or exterior lighting project.
  • For interior spaces, the facility staff will no longer spend time replacing fluorescent lamps and ballasts on a regular basis.
  • For exterior spaces, the facility staff will reduce the need to rent a lift to replace hard-to-reach fixtures or hire an electrician to handle high voltage lamp and ballast replacements.

Talk to your customers about interior and exterior lighting incentives and solutions and help them look for long-term ways to save on energy and maintenance costs. Lighting upgrades can always be split into multiple phases to move the project forward. Utility incentives are available throughout the region, so be sure to reach out to your local field specialist before getting started.

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