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Lighting Tech Tip: Good Lighting Adds to Guest Comfort

January 19, 2022 | Trade Ally Network NW

Winter months bring long hours of darkness, highlighting poorly illuminated properties. Hotel and motel properties have many opportunities to save lighting energy and improve aesthetics, safety, and performance. By focusing on improvements in several strategic areas, lighting trade allies can grow their business in an industry built on satisfying customers. Consider these opportunities:

  • Entrance/canopy lighting: The entry welcomes new guests and sets the tone for the property. Evaluate the performance and condition of recessed cans, surface and wall mount fixtures. Look for opportunities to add architectural interest by using a pendant fixture or decorative sconces. Help your customer consider bollard lighting as a great way to illuminate walkways near the entrance, especially where pole or building locations are not easily installed.
  • Pole and area lighting: New LED fixture designs offer multiple control strategies. By utilizing motion control, area lights can be set for low lighting when no occupants are detected and go to full brightness upon detection of movement. This added security deters unwanted visitors to the property and lets guests know that safety is a priority.
  • Signage: Outdated neon or fluorescent signage is expensive to maintain and, when not operating at 100%, says a lot about the business. LED options are lower maintenance and flexible enough to meet signage requirements. Incentives are based on savings, and the reduction in connected load can be significant.
  • Lobby and common areas: New fixtures in common areas, such as chandeliers or decorative wall sconces, can add architectural interest and character. Meeting and dining areas are prime spots for additional controls, where the ability to adjust lighting can meet a specific mood or effect.
  • Hallways: Lighting in guest room hallways operate 24/7, which is a leading energy-saving opportunity. Recessed cans and wall sconces are energy-efficient and provide a more comfortable setting than fluorescent troffer fixtures.
  • Guest rooms: Choose the right color temperature for in-room lighting. Lower color temperatures (2700-3500 kelvin) offer a warmer setting than daylight colors at 5000 kelvin and above. Replace the outdated CFL lamps and fixtures that are slow to warm up with LED lighting that is at full brightness when switched on. This type of improvement brings high value to the guest experience.

Travelers have many choices for vacation and overnight stays, so help your client make the right improvements to their property to draw the attention owners value. Contact your regional field specialist for more ideas and information about utility incentives,


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