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Lighting Tech Tip: How to keep projects moving forward

September 20, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

Lighting trade allies are up against many barriers these days, including equipment delays, shipping problems, material shortages, and more. While it may seem there’s nothing you can do to solve these problems, here are several ways to stay engaged with clients and keep projects moving forward:

  • Product delays? Many of today’s equipment delays are related to products coming from overseas. Contact your regional field specialist regarding American-made products available closer to home. Prices may be slightly higher, but access to products and quick installation may outweigh cost concerns.
  • Supply issues? If your regular distributor is out of stock, call around to see who has what you need. Where one may be low on inventory, another may have it on the shelf or the warehouse. Look at other manufacturers for options, too, as some go to market differently and may have a product suitable for your project.
  • Installs on-hold? If access to products has slowed your ability to implement projects, consider offering maintenance services to bridge the gap. Your customer may be waiting for new fixtures, but they also need light right now. A simple replacement of lamps and ballasts might get them by until fixtures arrive. You’ll make your customer happy and solve a short-term problem.
  • New project pipeline slow? Market uncertainty may cause some customers to put projects on hold indefinitely. Revisit projects that you priced before the pandemic to see if clients are ready to get underway. Try offering the client more options to create a fresh opportunity. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to push projects forward.

If you need help getting projects moving, contact your regional field specialist for help. They can offer approaches and discuss local utility incentive information to motivate customers to start planning new projects today.

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