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Lighting Tech Tip: Network Project Support – We Can Help!

May 31, 2023 | Trade Ally Network NW

Trade Ally Network NW offers a wide range of services to our trade allies in the Pacific Northwest. If you are a contractor, designer, or other industry professional looking to grow your business we have resources available to help. While you may have visited our website or attended an event in the past, we want to make sure that you’re aware of all of the available support. Read on to explore the many ways that the Trade Ally Network NW can help you and your business participate in utility energy efficiency programs.


  • On-site Training: Whether your company is new to the Trade Ally Network or has been a trusted ally for several years, we can always assist with on-site training at your offices or warehouse.
  • New Employee Training: Do you have a new employee who you want to bring up to speed on local utility programs and incentives? Our Field Specialists can assist and train new employees on facility walkthroughs and what to look for, Lighting Calculator input, and assistance with understanding utility project processes.


  • Joint Walkthroughs: Field Specialists are always available to perform joint facility walkthroughs. Having a Network Field Specialist on-site can speed up the project process and help you and your customer understand the energy efficiency and incentive opportunities at a facility.
  • Utility Incentives: Not only do Field Specialists assist with local utility incentives, but they can also identify potential additional scope for your projects that could contribute further energy and cost savings. For example, maybe there is a customer who just completed a lighting upgrade but is unaware of they’ve got a significant opportunity to upgrade their HVAC controls. Field Specialists can assist with utility incentives to help move projects forward.
  • Selling Projects: Trade Ally Network NW is trusted by utilities throughout the Pacific Northwest and their members and can help you sell lighting projects to your customers. When a customer has the Network Field Specialist supporting their project in addition to a Trade Ally, they will be more confident with the project information and making the decision to move forward.
  • Sales Tools: The Network website has several resources and sales tools to help you show your customer the benefits of taking their project to the next level. Check out the sales resources here:

Utility Program Support

  • Lighting Calculators & Incentives: We provide support and training for the BPA Lighting Calculator, and we can assist with utility incentive estimates for lighting projects. Need support with a lighting question over the phone? Need a quick answer about incentives via email? Need assistance with a tricky lighting project via Zoom or in person? Our Field Specialists can help with each one of these project scenarios.
  • Lighting Project Review & Pre-Approval: Do you have a completed Lighting Calculator, but would like the calculator inputs and incentive estimate reviewed for accuracy? Our Field Specialists can review Lighting Calculators and projects to ensure that the incentive estimates are accurate before providing information to the customer. Once a customer is ready to move forward, we can help with submitting the lighting project for pre-approval.
  • Quick Response Time & Follow Up: Our Network Field Specialists are very responsive. We follow up in a timely manner to assist with your projects or questions.

Become a Trade Ally

  • Trade Ally Network NW Application Assistance: We can assist you or your company to get signed up as a Trade Ally. Whether you are a lighting or HVAC contractor, we are here to help you with the application or questions regarding the Network. You can sign up to become a Trade Ally here:
  • Trade Ally Field Guide: Looking to familiarize yourself or team with the Trade Ally Network NW? The 2023 Field Guide is a great resource that features sections for both lighting and HVAC trade allies, expanding sales skills, and identifying commercial energy efficiency opportunities. Check out the 2023 Field Guide here: