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Lighting Tech Tip: Offer a Maintenance Checklist

August 8, 2019 | Trade Ally Network NW

Most of us keep a daily, weekly or monthly checklist to remind us of important personal and professional tasks. We have regularly scheduled maintenance for HVAC systems, such as filters and cleaning, we track oil changes and tire rotation for our cars, and even track ourselves in the form of dental and medical check-ups. Why not develop a lighting maintenance checklist?

Support your customers by helping them remember when to check lamps, check color temperatures, adjust the aiming of fixtures, clean fixtures, and check emergency lighting equipment. Develop the checklist based on what your customers need.

It’s not just about lighting maintenance, it’s also about knowing the equipment, inventory of existing fixtures and lamps, and manufacturer information in case replacement parts are needed for their LED equipment or lamps. Be a one-stop contact.

Become a resource to your customer and you will be the first person they will call when they need help. For more ideas, view our lighting maintenance best practices infographic or contact your regional field specialist.

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