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Lighting Tech Tip: Revisit, Review, Rebid

March 3, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

Get your business in shape by reworking old bids. Many businesses and commercial buildings are starting to reopen with modified schedules, employee layouts, and adjusted square footage. Projects that did not go forward due to the pandemic may now be ready to move ahead.

Is your customer ready to spend dollars that they’ve been holding on to for the past year? Some factors that may influence them to take on a new project include:

  • Improved fixture efficiency to deliver increased savings
  • Increased access to cost-effective networked lighting control options
  • Recovered supply chains to expand design options
  • Reduced energy use meets sustainability and cost savings goals

Benefit from work that you’ve already done by updating old proposals to meet today’s need:

  • Revisit with customers to learn how their business operations have changed.
  • Review current utility incentive programs as some have updated or modified their offerings.
  • Rebid the project by updating your previous proposal to provide them with a better option.

For more ways to reach customers with new projects and opportunities, contact your field specialist. For more lighting tips and best practices, search the Training and Resources pages of our website.


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