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Lighting Tech Tip: Rx for Outdoor Lighting

October 16, 2019 | Trade Ally Network NW

Interior lighting is critical to a comfortable and productive work environment, but outdoor lighting is important too, especially as the days get shorter and darker.

Customers may not be paying attention to the health of their exterior system, but you should be. Here’s how to help your customers with an outdoor lighting check-up:

1. Are outdoor lights burning bright, even during the day? Investigate whether photocells are working or if time clocks need adjustment.
2. Clean fixture lenses to ensure they shine as brightly as possible on winter nights.
3. Inspect fixture positions to verify they’re in alignment and delivering light where they’re supposed to.
4. Evaluate the current lighting system to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible. The customer may be in need of an upgrade.

A well-maintained system not only saves energy, but it helps keep employees, visitors, and the facility safe and secure. Many business and facility owners may have concentrated on reducing energy waste inside and left their older, outdated products in the parking lot. If their exterior lighting is wasting energy, it may be the right incentive for a tune-up or an upgrade.

For more lighting tips and best practices, visit the Trade Ally Network NW website or contact your regional field specialist.

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