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Lighting Tech Tip: TLEDs vs Kits+

September 16, 2020 | Trade Ally Network NW

Both customers and contractors like to install TLEDs because they’re quick, easy and a satisfactory entry level lighting upgrade.  But kits and new fixtures are a better option. They’ll help make the space look new and updated, and are eligible for better incentives, which will make your customer happier.

A lot of buildings in the region have troffers in them. The lenses are usually an eighteen-cell parabolic or an acrylic flat lens, which up against all of the great looking LED options, look old and dated. When your customer decides to upgrade their lighting, one of your first questions should also be, “would you like to update the look of the space?”

Many utilities offer incentives for all three options: TLEDs, fixture kits, and new fixtures. Kits and fixtures earn higher rebates; they cost more, and they deliver the light better than simply swapping in TLEDs to the existing fixture.  Frankly, kits and new fixtures will improve the space in ways that TLEDs can’t.

Before settling on the easy solution, discuss all the lighting options with your customer. If they lean towards TLEDs, ask them if they want to give the space a new look or keep the old tired fixtures in place. Most facility managers or building owners appreciate the benefits of better light delivery plus an updated look to help them with tenant retention and recruitment.

For more lighting tips and best practices, search the Trade Ally Network website or contact your regional field specialist.

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