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Payback & Incentives

To get started, contact your Trade Ally Network NW field specialist for help with forms and program incentives. Utility participation and incentives vary.

Up to $150

Amount received for qualifying energy-efficient connected thermostat installations in commercial buildings. Up to $50 per programming verification.



A typical project payback, including incentives.

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Customer Benefits

Simple <strong>programming</strong>
Simple programming
Remote <strong>access via smart devices</strong>
Remote access via smart devices
Automatic <strong>updates</strong>
Automatic updates
Web-based <strong>monitoring and alerts</strong>
Web-based monitoring and alerts
Reduced <strong>energy costs</strong>
Reduced energy costs

Incentive Requirements*


  • Thermostat must replace an existing thermostat that is not web-enabled.
  • Heating can be electric or gas.
  • Lodging, 24/7 occupancy, or semi-conditioned spaces are not eligible.

*Available for retrofits only. Not eligible for an ARC payment.


The installed thermostat:

  • Controls an existing HVAC supply fan and serves a single zone.
  • Must be listed on the Qualified Products List.

The installed thermostat must be programmed as follows:

  • Must be connected to the internet.
  • Temperature setback is used for unoccupied hours (heating and/or cooling, as applicable).
  • Fan schedule uses auto mode for unoccupied hours (e.g., during unoccupied hours or holidays, the fan will only run when there is a demand for heating or cooling).
  • Override duration set to three hours or less.
  • For heat pumps, aux resistance heat lockout is enabled with appropriate set points.
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling are eliminated in cases where two or more systems serve spaces not separated by physical barriers.

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