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Payback & Incentives

To get started, contact your Trade Ally Network NW field specialist for help with forms and program incentives. Utility participation and incentives vary.

Up to $600

Amount received for qualifying energy efficient Packaged Terminal Heat Pump retrofits in qualifying commercial buildings. Or, $100 per PTHP in new construction.



A typical project payback, including incentives.

For retrofits, 1-3 years with incentives. New construction is less than one year after incentives.

Find Local Incentives

Use this tool to search for incentive programs available in your project area.

Customer Benefits

<strong>Improved Energy Efficiency</strong>
Improved Energy Efficiency
<strong>Easy Installation</strong>
Easy Installation
<strong>Better Heating Control</strong>
Better Heating Control
<strong>Improved Comfort</strong>
Improved Comfort

Incentive Requirements*


Eligible building types for this measure include:

  • A lodging building type, such as hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, boarding/rooming house, apartment hotel, dormitory, and shelter.
  • A residential care building type, such as nursing home, retirement home, and assisted living.


  • The space is conditioned by a PTAC or zonal electric-resistance heat as the primary heating source.
  • No other heating sources are eligible.


  • The installed PTHP must have an AHRI certificate of product rating.

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