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5 Sales Skills You Need for 2022

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If nothing else, this year we learned how quickly things can change. Before 2022 sneaks up on you, Network sales expert Dan Kuhl recommends five ways to prepare for the year ahead:

1. Stay current on incentives. Do you know what incentives are offered by your local utility? Utility programs are updated on an ongoing basis, so it’s critical to stay up to date on the latest offerings. Look for program offerings with higher incentives and talk about them with customers. For example, incentives for networked lighting controls (NLC) can significantly offset the cost of utilizing them— so why not share this with customers? LEDs by nature are made to control, so don’t propose or install them without controls. It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t talk with your customers about how much energy this can save and the potential benefits of occupancy sensing and dimming.

2. Integration is here. Consider how today’s lighting controls interact with other building systems. For example, lighting controls, or smart sensors, that are integrated into each light fixture are fast becoming the eyes and ears of the building management system (BMS). Located approximately every 100 square feet they are in a prime location to monitor and deliver key information to the BMS, which in turn communicates to the other building systems. This is the wave of the future and customers not only need this but want it. Is your team up to speed on these systems?

3. Competition is here. Building systems are no longer standalone, so the companies selling the equipment have adapted as well. If your team is not current on these technologies, your more knowledgeable competitors will sell these integrated systems to your customers. In addition, technicians of the future will need to be trained in building systems as more and more pieces of equipment are connected to the BMS. It has been noted that some building system technicians can make upwards of $400+ an hour compared to single system technicians. Are you future-proofing your company with increased training and certifications?

4. Preparation is key. Are you prepared to clean the air in your customer’s buildings? This has become one of the most requested topics from building owners and facility managers, who want to know how they can provide better indoor air quality (IAQ) to employees and tenants. Learn more about IAQ by heading to the Trade Ally Network NW training resource page to view our free, two-part webinar series. Parts #1 and #2 address air quality questions and reviews how to help your customer navigate this new but much needed building upgrade. Being a resource for your customer can provide you with the opportunity to solve their needs first before they contact your competitors.

5. Stay visible. When it comes to filling the project pipeline, you never take your foot off the gas pedal. It’s easy to justify letting sales calls and follow-up emails slide when you already have a full load, but you pay for it later when business slows down. Make and stick to a monthly plan for staying in touch with past customers and prospects. You may get a referral, a maintenance contract or the chance to bid (or re-bid) a new project. At minimum, you’ll maintain goodwill with satisfied customers who will appreciate your interest in their business. What’s your plan for keeping customers engaged?

As always, when we focus on what our customers need, sales will follow. Need help? Trade Ally Network NW is a free resource to help provide you with what you need to stay up to date, so you can deliver for your customer.