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From Meh to Yeah: Four Tips for Assessing New Technologies

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When it comes to new technology adoption, some of us are “early adopters” — we embrace every new product that comes along — while others are “laggards”, those who are content to be among the last to embrace anything new.

Trade allies, who are often at the forefront of new lighting technologies, fall into both camps. Manufacturers are showing you the latest products while savvy customers are requesting the latest trend. Sometimes we don’t know if we should charge ahead or hang back and learn from others.

Field Specialist Andy Gerde has a few simple reminders for trade allies who come face-to-face with a new technology. Ask yourself:

  1. Is it right for the job? As always, compare any lighting solution against the needs of the customer.
  2. Can it deliver the lighting performance required? It may be a great solution with many benefits, but will it deliver the performance specified for the work environment.
  3. Can it be implemented in a cost-effective manner? Some new (and old) technologies offer great promise but can be expensive or complicated to install. Make sure it fits the project budget.
  4. Is it qualified? Check with your local utility to make sure the project is on a Qualified Products List. The stamp of endorsement lets you and your client know that you’re working with a quality product.

Whether you’re an early or late adopter, your job is to first consider the needs of your customer, and do your homework before recommending a product. If you aren’t sure, contact the Trade Ally Network NW field specialist who serves your area or call your local utility for advice.