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Getting to Yes: How to Sell New Opportunities

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As salespeople, we’re tempted to grab on to the latest and greatest technology or program and use it as a new sales opportunity with our customers. But is this always the best strategy? As usual, you must understand the product and the needs of your customers before taking action. Just because a new product offers a new sales opportunity doesn’t mean that it is the right fit for every business.
What do your customers care most about? Surprisingly, it may not be their power bill. You need to ask yourself if the new product will increase their sales, improve their customer loyalty, increase their productivity, improve employee morale or increase their profit. If the product doesn’t do any of these things, you may need to move on to the next customer.

Take a look at your customer list. Based on your knowledge of their business needs, target the top 20 percent of customers that will benefit the most from the opportunity. Develop a sales approach that will illustrate the value and benefit to their business. When meeting with your customers, show your genuine belief in this new product. If you can’t be passionate about your offering why would they get excited about purchasing it from you?

Experienced salespeople know that every opportunity isn’t for everyone. Don’t waste your time calling on customers that won’t benefit from what you are selling.