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Getting to Yes: Promotions & Incentives

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Your competition sells products and services that are similar to yours. They work on the same utility programs and offer the same incentives and promotions that you do. We all like getting a special deal so when should you bring them to your customer’s attention?
When done right, selling isn’t about marketing your product or service; it’s about satisfying a need and growing your customer’s revenue. A customer that is hesitant about buying from you isn’t going to change their mind because of a special promotion.

Before offering the promotion, be sure you have provided creative solutions that benefit your customer’s business. Also, ensure you have clearly communicated the features and benefits of the project and project timelines and other important details.

So when do you offer up that special promotion? When you know that your customer is ready to make the purchase decision or when you want to accelerate the sales process. It’s that little extra something that provides your customer with a great feeling.