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Sales Skill: Help customers, be profitable, build loyalty

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The ongoing pandemic has had both positive and negative impacts on trade ally businesses. On the one hand, we’ve seen a constant demand from customers who want and need projects completed. At the same time, increased prices and equipment shortages have made it difficult to deliver for customers and, in some cases, may cause lost business opportunities.

How can we adjust to this new economy and continue to find opportunities? Here are a few ways to help your customers, be profitable and continue to build a loyal base:

  • Do you need to backfill work for team members while you are waiting on other projects? Past customers are an ideal way to bring in business and keep staff working. Former customers may need your expertise, whether it is a new project, a tune-up, or the commissioning of their existing system. If they don’t have anything, they may know of an opportunity or provide valuable leads or warm introductions for you. As a bonus, they will appreciate that you remembered them and reached out.
  • Can you offer system evaluations to uncover opportunities? There’s nothing like testing building systems in real-time to spot potential maintenance or upgrade needs. Not only will you discover issues before they worsen, but you’ll also come away with an immediate understanding of what your customers need and build a foundation for current and future work.
  • Network with your peers! HVAC, electrical, and lighting contractors have found success by working together to serve their mutual customers better. Consider reaching out to businesses in your area; you may find that you can help each other identify prospects and share leads.
  • While there are no easy answers right now, there are tremendous opportunities. Building systems still need commissioning, tuning, and upgrades. Automated lighting and HVAC controls are more critical than ever. Think outside of the box—if you were an owner or operator, what service would be valuable to you right now and what might you need for the future?

Need more inspiration? Call your regional field specialist for more ways to help drive your business forward.