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Sales Skill: Lighting Controls + HVAC Integration

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Can lighting controls also control HVAC systems? According to experts at the recent Efficiency Exchange 2021 conference, full integration between the two is getting closer every day. A panel that included representatives from four energy efficiency organizations discussed their work to improve integration of HVAC controls with networked lighting controls (NLC) and luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC).

Integrated systems bring many benefits
Multiple demonstration projects are taking place across the country to increase interactivity between the two systems. When fully embraced by the market, panelists say integrated systems will produce a range of benefits to end-users, including significant energy savings, better occupancy data, and alerts to HVAC needs before they happen.

Help your customers future-proof their systems
For trade allies, there are steps you can take now to position your customers for the future. If your customer needs a lighting upgrade, talk to them about adding NLCs or LLLCs to the project. It will improve their energy savings today and prepare them to add the HVAC integration at another time. Selecting NLC or LLLC lighting products that are BACnet compatible will make it easier to integrate HVAC controls later. Similarly, if their HVAC system needs an upgrade, look for BACnet compatible products to utilize available and future NLC and LLLC sensors. You’ll help your customer future-proof their property and deliver better customer service. All of which helps your business.

The Network will continue to highlight this topic over the coming months. If you have an opportunity now that can benefit from lighting + HVAC integration, contact your local field specialist.