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How to Mine Referral Gold

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As a salesperson, you are told to build a network if you want to be successful. Your first thought might be, “who would be interested in my product and how do I get them to take my calls, read my emails, or accept a face to face meeting?”
To build an effective network, you need to be known and respected by many people. One of the best ways to do that is by working with people you already know. There isn’t a product or service that doesn’t involve the support and services of other companies. Outside marketing, suppliers, installation services, delivery and so many other companies and people help your company while doing business. And these people are potential referral sources.

The companies that support you also have a network of clients and customers. Like you, they have built these relationships for years and know the key players. Their clients trust and like them. You and your company have done the same thing with your customers.

  1. Start by setting up informal meetings with other trade allies and share contacts and ideas. This is your opportunity to build your business and relationships while helping them to build theirs.
  2. Think of 10 companies and individuals that you trust the most and start with them. Create a network of people that you meet with on a regular basis and think of it as your very own “leads group.”

Referrals are golden and help you establish immediate credibility. Once you have the right network in place you will find a large percentage of your business coming from these sources for years to come.