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Six Things to Know About Installing Low Wattage T8s

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Low wattage T8 lamps are a great option for many 32 watt replacement projects. There are a handful of situations, however, when the reduced wattage lamp is not an effective substitute. Keep the following six factors in mind when deciding whether to include them in your project.

  1. Low wattage lamps are best utilized when replacing 700 or 800 series 32 watt T8 lamps in existing lighting applications.
  2. Most of today’s low wattage lamps are designed to operate with instant start or programmed start ballasts, but some are not recommended for use with occupancy sensors on instant start ballasts.
  3. Low wattage lamps are typically not compatible with dimming ballasts unless the lamp and ballast manufacturers have approved a specific application for dimming.
  4. Low wattage lamps are not recommended for use in areas where the average temperature is less than 70 degrees F. If the lamp is in cooler ambient temperature, striation and/or a reduction in lamp light output may occur.
  5. Low wattage lamps are not for use in air handling fixtures.
  6. Consider testing lamp and ballast compatibility before proceeding with a project.

If you have any questions, contact your local electrical distributor or check with the manufacturer to be sure you have the right lamp for the right application to ensure proper installation.