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Don’t Forget to Discuss the Benefits of Lighting

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benefits of lighting
When working with a potential client on a new project, it can be easy to get caught up in the technical specifications of lighting. As NXT Level Course 5: The Value of Lighting reminds us, communicating the benefits of quality lighting can be a great way to help your client decide to upgrade their system. Here are some of the top benefits to keep in mind:

  1. Visual performance and comfort. As the right lighting can optimize a person’s ability to perform visual tasks, it’s important to carefully review the types of tasks that happen in a space when evaluating a potential lighting retrofit or redesign.
  2. Positive visitor impression. Lighting has an important effect on a visitor’s first impression of a space. The right lighting can help businesses cultivate the intended visitor experience.
  3. Behavior. Lighting affects the way people behave in a space, how they move through it, and what they see. For example, if visitors struggle to find where to go upon entering a building, lighting can be used to provide direction.
  4. Safety and security. Both indoors and outdoors, quality lighting promotes safety and peace of mind for visitors. For people approaching a building or using a parking lot, white light with a higher correlated color temperature makes outdoor areas appear brighter and feel safer.
  5. Alertness, health, and well-being. Lighting can play an important role in improving the health and well-being of workers and students who spend much of their time indoors. New control systems allow a facility operator to control nearly all aspects of the lighting in their building to improve the environment for inhabitants.
  6. Environmental responsibility. A growing segment of the public feels that companies have a duty to do their part in protecting the environment. Institutional investors, for example, often evaluate a company’s environmental responsibility before investing in its stock. Lighting systems can be an excellent way for a company to demonstrate its environmental stewardship.

For an online refresher of the many benefits of quality lighting, you can always access NXT Level Course 5: The Value of Lighting, or on any training topic, once you’ve earned your designation.