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Trade Ally Q&A: Rob Ivey, A-One Refrigeration and Heating

May 13, 2022 | Trade Ally Network NW

Rob Ivey, commercial accounts manager, A-One Refrigeration and Heating, is an active Network trade ally. In this interview, he talks about the power of incentives in selling energy-efficiency projects.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your company?

We’re a family-owned and operated business that started in 1980 with a focus on residential and commercial heating and air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration. We’ve since grown to support the residential heating, cooling, and home efficiency markets. We’re located in Pasco, WA, and mainly serve the Tri-Cities area. We are very excited to be doing some HVAC work for Blue Origin in Van Horn, TX.

Q: What common barriers do you encounter when selling energy-efficient equipment, and what role do utility incentive programs play in your incentive process?

The most common barrier is educating the customer about why installing higher-efficiency equipment benefits them. Incentives can really help as part of that sales process. Usually, our customers are concerned about upfront costs. If we educate them about available incentives and the benefits that higher-efficiency equipment can provide, it can help with the purchasing decision.

Of course, we’re always looking for the best deal for our customers, and we let them choose the equipment that’s right for them. We’ve seen very few cases where installing higher-efficiency equipment won’t be a net benefit and telling our customers about available incentives can help them make that choice.

Q: How did shutdowns during the pandemic affect your customers and your business, and what did you do to keep your pipeline full?

We’re very fortunate that the pandemic didn’t impact our area as strongly as others, but it was still challenging. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our community, and we try and make sure we understand their needs. That helped us over the past couple of years.

Q: Are you involved in Trade Ally Network NW and take advantage of any workshops or resources?

When I first started working at A-One Refrigeration, I attended some virtual Trade Ally Network NW workshops. That’s where I met my local field specialist Nick Jones, who has been a massive help. He’s provided us with all sorts of assistance and having him available as a resource has been a real benefit to our business and our customers. I was also able to meet our local utility representatives and establish a relationship with them

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