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Lighting Tech Tip: Selectable Wattage and Kelvin LED Fixtures

August 14, 2023 | Trade Ally Network NW

Have you ever had an indecisive lighting customer? A customer that has a difficult time deciding what color temperature or wattage option to pick? It’s not unusual for customers to be confused about the best alternative for their situation, but now there’s a way to help them choose.

Adjustments Made Easy

LED technology has come a long way since the first generation of lamps and fixtures. The availability of selectable wattage and selectable Kelvin temperature LED fixtures can be a solution for uncertain customers. Selectable wattage fixtures have the ability to adjust the lumen or light output while in the field. Selectable Kelvin temperature fixtures can be adjusted to the preferred color temperature on-site.

Let’s look at a few scenarios.

  • Perhaps your customer is a building owner leasing a particular space, and a new tenant will soon move in. Selectable LED fixtures give the new tenant the freedom to adjust the light output as well as the color temperature of the fixtures. This offers the building owner the ability to adjust the lighting based on the current tenant’s business and needs without making a long-term commitment. If a different tenant occupies the space in the future, new adjustments can easily be made to accommodate their preferences.
  • Maybe you have a customer that wants uniform fixtures throughout their space, but also wants the ability to change the color temperature of the fixtures for specific areas. Selectable Kelvin temperature fixtures give customers this option.
  • You may also have a customer with a large office space and private offices. In this case, the customer could set the light output and preferred Kelvin temperature for each individual’s needs. That could be a “game changer” in customer satisfaction.

Things to Remember

When completing the BPA Lighting Calculator for a project that has selectable wattage LED fixtures, choose the highest wattage setting for project entry. Our field specialists will verify the selected wattage during the post-verification.

If possible, setting the LED fixture to the low- or medium-wattage settings can enhance energy savings for the project and increase the overall incentive. The rule of thumb is to be conservative with the fixture wattage when submitting a lighting project for pre-approval.

Need Product Support?

Reach out to your local lighting distributor or manufacturer’s representative for more information on selectable LED fixtures.

Looking for Project Support?

Trade Ally Network NW field specialists can provide support and training for the BPA Lighting Calculator. The Network can also assist you with utility incentive estimates for your lighting projects. Find your local field specialist here!

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