Payback & Incentives

To get started, contact your Trade Ally Network NW field specialist for help with forms and program incentives. Utility participation and incentives vary.


per horsepower

Amount received for qualifying energy-efficient VFD on AHU systems in commercial buildings.



A typical project payback, including incentives.

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Customer Benefits

Reduced <strong>energy costs</strong>
Reduced energy costs
Reduced <strong>fan usage</strong>
Reduced fan usage
Long <strong>life span</strong>
Long life span
<strong>Precise temperature</strong> control
Precise temperature control

Incentive Requirements


The existing building must:

  • Be heated by electricity or gas.
  • Operate for equal to or greater than 2,000 hours per year.
  • Have an AHU with a variable-flow-based HVAC system (constant volume systems are not eligible).
  • Have a constant-speed fan on its AHU (variable-speed fans are not eligible).


The installed VFD application must:

  • Include a controller for variable-speed fan operation.
  • Be set to trend historical kWh usage, fan runtime and average fan speed.
  • Include removal or permanent disabling of AHU throttling or bypass devices.

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