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Payback & Incentives

To get started, contact your Trade Ally Network NW field specialist for help with forms and program incentives. Utility participation and incentives vary.


Tier 1 unit with ≥ 70% SRE;
up to $2/CFM (cubic feet
per minute)


Tier 2 unit with ≥ 82% SRE;
up to $3.50/CFM

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<strong>Improved Comfort</strong>
Improved Comfort
<strong>Improved Indoor Air Quality</strong>
Improved Indoor Air Quality
<strong>Reduced Fan Usage</strong>
Reduced Fan Usage

This measure applies to retrofit, new construction, and major renovation (with exception to HRV Upgrade projects in Washington State, due to code requirements). Either heat recovery or energy recovery units are applicable so long as the sensible heat recovery portion of the equipment meets or exceeds the sensible rated effectiveness (SRE) of the specified tier.


  • The space is conditioned by an operational or
    failed heat pump, or electric-resistance heater as
    the primary heating source. No other heating
    sources are eligible.
  • The existing system does not have a heat recovery
    device installed.
  • The existing system is currently designed to
    provide ventilation air.


  • The space is part of a building addition, new
    construction or major renovation (i.e., baseboard
    electric-resistance heating to VRF with ventilation,
    etc.) project.
  • Projects completed in Washington State are not
    eligible, due to code requirements.

The installed heat recovery unit must utilize manufacturer selection software and demonstrate a minimum 70% SRE at 75% of rated airflow for Tier 1, or a minimum 82% SRE at 75% of rated airflow for Tier 2.