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Payback & Incentives

Utility participation, incentives and LED fixture and lamp requirements vary. Please contact your local utility to verify availability and amounts.

from $20-$200

per fixture for general indoor/outdoor LEDs, measure series C

Amount received for qualifying energy-efficient LEDs in commercial buildings. Incentives increase when Networked Lighting Controls are included.

from $30 to $500

per fixture for LED exterior, measure series E

Amount received for qualifying energy-efficient LEDs on commercial and industrial sites.



A typical project payback based on lighting projects in BPA service territory, including incentives.

Find local utility contacts or field specialists

Use this tool to search for incentive programs available in your project area.

Customer Benefits

<strong>Lower maintenance costs</strong>
Lower maintenance costs
<strong>Reduced energy</strong> use (50 percent or more)
Reduced energy use (50 percent or more)
<strong>Longer life</strong> than T8 fluorescent and other lamps
Longer life than T8 fluorescent and other lamps
Controls can add to <strong>energy savings</strong>
Controls can add to energy savings
Better <strong>light and color quality</strong>
Better light and color quality
Improved <strong>customer experience</strong> and <strong>employee productivity</strong>
Improved customer experience and employee productivity

Incentive Requirements


  • Determine the project scope; consider assistance from a lighting contractor or your local field specialist.
  • Secure project approval from your utility. Refer to the Qualified Products List.
  • Submit a complete application packet. After approval, sign agreement and complete project.


  • Schedule a project verification or submit photos as requested; in certain cases these may be done during installation.
  • Submit any post-installation documentation, including invoices.

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