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How to sell energy efficiency to hotel and motel owners

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The Northwest is home to more than 3,400 hotel and motel properties located in communities of every size across the region. Each offers different amenities, but all share energy consumption challenges posed by building systems that function around the clock. Today’s utility incentives and advanced equipment offerings can help trade allies build business among property owners by packaging multiple energy-efficiency upgrades together. Participating utilities may offer incentives for:

  • HVAC upgrades: HVAC systems are the leading source of energy consumption for most properties. While not every building will need HVAC improvements, a significant portion of lodging buildings include PTACs that are prime for an upgrade. According to the 2019 Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA), 45% of lodging square footage is heated with electric resistance technologies like PTACs. PTHPs are an easy-to-install and energy-efficient replacement. A PTAC to PTHP conversion is so fast, it can be implemented after one guest has checked out and before another has checked in. Many property owners are taking this approach by upgrading a few units at a time, rather than take on a complete overhaul.
  • Lighting: Good lighting sets the tone for a property and helps guests feel welcome, safe and secure. LED technologies and controls offer many options to upgrade in-room, common area, and outdoor or parking area lighting.
  • Windows: Outdated windows waste energy and are a source of drafts, air leaks, and noise. Better insulated energy-efficient windows help owners make rooms more comfortable and lower overhead costs.
  • Support system opportunities: Many support systems serve hotels and motels beyond just lighting and HVAC systems. For example, look at replacing older, inefficient pool pumps with newer models that consume far less energy and offer different modes of operation that better match facility usage. Also, for facilities with commercial kitchens, look to upgrade older, inefficient cooking equipment to ENERGY STAR equipment which can save a substantial amount of energy when idle.

Talk to your regional field specialist about ways to grow business among the hotels and motels in your region.