Trade Ally Network Northwest

Payback & Incentives

To get started, contact your Trade Ally Network NW field specialist for help with forms and program incentives. Utility participation and incentives vary.

Up to $225

per ton cooling capacity

Amount received for qualifying ARC retrofits in commercial buildings.



A typical project payback, including incentives.

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Customer Benefits

Improved <strong>comfort</strong>
Improved comfort
<strong>Reduced fan usage</strong>
Reduced fan usage
Improved indoor <strong>air quality</strong>
Improved indoor air quality
<strong>Remote energy monitoring</strong> and control
Remote energy monitoring and control

Incentive Requirements


The existing rooftop unit must:

  • Be packaged unitary equipment (no split systems).
  • Have cooling capacity of greater than or equal to five tons.
  • Use a constant-speed supply fan (RTUs with variable-speed fans are ineligible).
  • Have electric or gas heat.


Both full ARC and ARC-lite retrofits must be included on the Qualified Products List and add one of the following equipment options to the existing RTU:

  • A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation; or
  • A multispeed motor and controller for multispeed fan operation.

Full ARC Retrofit applications must also include a controller with both of the following capabilities:

  • Digital, integrated economizer control; and 
  • Web-enabled control, monitoring and alarms.

Advanced Rooftop-Unit Controls Resources