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Oregon and Washington State Building Efficiency Standards Coming Soon

April 4, 2024 | Trade Ally Network NW

The states of Oregon and Washington have independently passed legislation to drive energy efficiency improvements in their existing commercial building stock. As mentioned in this issue of Trade Talk NW, Washington’s Clean Buildings Performance Standard requires commercial buildings over 220,000 square feet to be compliant by June 1, 2026. Oregon followed suit and passed House Bill 3409 / Senate Bill 870 on July 27, 2023. While rulemaking is still in process, buildings of 200,000 square feet or more will be required to meet the Oregon standard by June 1, 2028.

In Trade Talk NW’s February issue, we highlighted Oregon’s recent ban on the sale of fluorescent lamps and bulbs that went into effect on January 1, 2024. Not to be left out, Washington became the eighth state to pass legislation banning the sale of fluorescent lamps starting January 1, 2029.

Legislation Oregon Compliance Date Washington Compliance Date
Clean Buildings Performance Standard for 200,000+ sq. ft.* commercial buildings June 1, 2028 June 1, 2026
Ban sale of screw- or bayonet-base-type compact fluorescent lamps January 1, 2024 January 1, 2029
Ban sale of pin-base-type compact fluorescent lamps and linear fluorescent lamps January 1, 2025 January 1, 2029

*Oregon’s standard is for buildings 200,000+ square feet. Washington’s Clean Buildings Performance standard applies to buildings 220,000+ square feet.

Fortunately for your commercial building customers, Bonneville Power Administration and local utilities provide incentives today to reduce upgrade costs. These include higher incentives for TLEDs and networked lighting controls and new incentives for qualifying energy-efficient air-source and ductless heat pumps regardless of the existing heating technology. It’s not a guarantee that today’s incentives will be available tomorrow.

Whether you work in Oregon or Washington, offering to support your customers in accessing the utility incentives “carrot” today, while warning of the potential impact of the state compliance “stick” tomorrow, can be a powerful combination to make your next energy efficiency upgrade sale.


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