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Smart Buildings Made Simple

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Smart, intelligent, or connected buildings—spaces that transform efficiency, comfort, and safety for people and assets—will become the new norm. Owners and tenants will increasingly expect integrated building systems, rejecting vendors of standalone offerings. It’s time for lighting and HVAC trade allies to prepare for this new customer demand.

The commercial building environment is evolving rapidly, and along with it, the lighting and HVAC lighting industry is moving at a record pace. As technology and its capabilities continue to grow, our way of engaging with our office space will become more automated and responsive. We can no longer think we are just installing “products” but need to understand that they are part of a cohesive “system” designed to enhance the user experience in the built environment.

With the Internet of Things, it demands that we think about equipment as systems not products.
—CABA Continental Automated Buildings Association

In Trade Ally Network NW’s 2020 slate of workshops, we’ll focus on the latest lighting and HVAC control systems as well as how to communicate their value to customers.

The technical sessions will include a 50-minute class dedicated to Smart Buildings. In today’s world of IoT (Internet of Things), how do we stay in front of the curve? How do we train our employees so that we stay relevant, not to mention profitable? This session will focus on how the newest buildings are being designed, their connectivity that enhances user experience and comfort and how this technology is helping facility managers easily manage their building systems. It will also review how this connectivity will help monetize your business and increase your relevance in today’s competitive world. And it will help both lighting and HVAC trade allies be ready for future opportunities.

Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media, once said that new technology creates new opportunities to do a job that customers want done. By keeping current on the newest product offerings and incentives, it ensures that you and your company are prepared to meet your customer’s needs.

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