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Utility Programs Make Efficiency a Smart Investment

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A financial incentive for installing advanced lighting from your local utility can be a compelling value-add for your clients, but it’s only the beginning of a wide-range of financial and non-financial benefits that come with participating in utility energy efficiency programs. When reviewing a potential project with your customer, communicating the full range of benefits—including bundled incentive opportunities or environmental impacts—will help your customers see the full value of their decision to participate in a utility-sponsored, advanced lighting retrofit.
Controlled Energy Costs
Utility programs can help your customers evaluate and install energy-saving measures that can lower their energy costs and increase tenant comfort and satisfaction. In addition to potential incentives on a variety of advanced lighting measures, many utility programs provide comprehensive property evaluations that can lead to a wide-variety of incentive opportunities, including ways to bundle upgrades with their lighting projects to maximize savings and comfort. These programs can further help your customers make more informed decisions about the ways they use energy and ultimately have better control over their energy bills.

Environmental Sustainability
By advocating on behalf of your local utility’s energy efficiency programs, you can help your clients meet their own sustainability goals while ensuring their savings are being captured by their local utility to qualify them for incentives and other tax benefits.

Energy efficiency is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for utilities to deploy in comparison to supplying new generation or building new power plants. By reducing energy demand, utility programs help reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and other environmental damage caused by fossil fuel extraction.

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