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HVAC Tech Tip: Offset Equipment Costs with Incentives

July 16, 2021 | Trade Ally Network NW

Cooling season is upon us and, like clockwork, customer calls to replace aging or failed systems are as frequent as ever. There’s never been a better time to discuss available utility incentives due to recent price increases occurring on unitary equipment, refrigerant, and parts. While price increases are nothing new, this year has been unusual, due in part to the growing costs of raw materials and scarcity of components. Being familiar with available incentives can really pay off for your customers and your business:

Heat pump opportunities:

  • Participating utilities are offering up to $1,000 per ton for qualifying high efficiency heat pump technologies. This is a perfect time to educate your customers on the benefits of replacing their existing equipment with qualifying heat pumps.
  • Not only do heat pumps save energy and money, but the variety of available configurations means they also offer great flexibility in applications.
  • Heat pump technology is available as packaged units, ductless split systems, traditional split systems, and even packaged terminal equipment. Conveniently for you and your customer, incentives are offered for all types of heat pumps.

Propose a high-efficiency heat pump:

  • Before you quote your next job reach out to your local field specialist and ask about incentives available in your area and what equipment would qualify.
  • Contact your equipment provider about the availability of qualifying higher efficiency units.
  • Include a qualifying unit on your next quote to show your customer how they can save more in energy and maintenance costs over the long-term.

You, your customer, and your bottom line will benefit. For more information about qualifying products, contact your local field specialist.

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