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Lighting Tech Tip: Getting Back to Work

June 16, 2020 | Trade Ally Network NW

Businesses are diligently working through each phase of their reopening plan. Reduced hours will be extended, customers are eager to revisit their favorite locations, and facility maintenance will be back on-line. Company needs may have changed during this time, and there may be even greater emphasis on investments that lower operating costs. Here are several new opportunities lighting trade allies can look for during this period:

Light Fixtures

  • Fluorescent and HID lighting require more maintenance than LED technology. Reduced site visits are an important benefit of LEDs that should be emphasized.
  • Utility incentives reward fixture upgrades versus lamp retrofits. Install new fixtures with maximum control of lumen output and color tuning.
  • Observe how lighting systems perform under new social distancing. Here is a potential opportunity for redesigning fixture layout adding controls.

Occupancy Controls

  • Are existing sensors performing as designed? Before your service appointment, remind occupants to locate faulty sensors and new areas that could benefit by installing new controls.
  • Are the controls working as vacancy sensors (manual on, auto off)? Save on/off cycling and long shutdown periods by reprogramming sensors for optimal savings.
  • Are networked lighting controls in place? NLCs offer maximum flexibility with individual fixture control and zoning.

For more lighting tips and best practices, search the Trade Ally Network website or contact your regional field specialist.

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